We are
Oliver and Silke Caspers.

As trainers, coaches, and workshop facilitators, we open spaces and support processes so that you can develop to your higher potential, both individually and as a team.

Experience customized process support for individuals and companies.

Create successful interactions, unleash your higher potential, and increase your impact on the world!

Process support for Business


Discover and develop your higher potential


Expand and refine core skills and competencies to amplify your global impact


Develop and strengthen the potential in your teams

Oliver Caspers

Since I grew tired of the search,
I learned to find.
Since a wind held me at bay,
I sail with every wind.
- F. Nietzsche

Self-knowledge is an adventure that leads us to unexpected expanses and depths. 
- C. G. Jung

Silke Caspers


Taking the lead
Unleash your leadership potential

In the dynamic realm of modern business, effective people management is a pivotal factor of success. Enhance your ability to lead through our specialized training program, designed to impart the essential skills required to lead your team with confidence and competence, steering them towards their fullest potential. Acquire greater clarity in your role and become an influential leader and role model.

Train the Trainer

Support optimal learning success by designing brain-friendly and sustainable trainings and seminars. Create transformative learning experiences through the power of experiential orientation and design meaningful learning environments that inspire and enable impassioned learning.


Achieve substantial learning success at your own pace, unrestricted by location. Our companion app seamlessly integrates sustainability and inspiration, enabling you to revisit essential course content in a brain-friendly manner and receive impactful insights whenever needed.

Potential analysis

Explore your hidden potential and consciously shape your future. Increase your scope of influence by engaging in thoughtful self-reflection, catalyzing sustainable personal development. 
Self-knowledge and awareness is the key to personal growth.

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Operating Globally

Over the past 25 years, we've had the privilege of supporting individuals and teams from over one hundred countries in their personal and professional development. Training globally has allowed us to genuinely connect with, and directly learn, from numerous diverse cultures in their own authentic contexts (refer to our interactive map).
Since our online expansion in 2018, our reach and diversity of cultures has increased exponentially.

We have had the privelege of supporting individulas and teams from the following companies:

What our customers say:

Exton, Pennsylvania

Houston, Texas

Totowa, New Jersey

Saint-Nazaire, France

Lyon, France

Pescara, Italy

Brussels, Belgium


Stockport, England

Milton Keynes, England

Copenhagen, Denmark

Frederikshavn, Denmark

Shanghai, China

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Moscow, Russia

Kiev, Ukraine

Istanbul, Turkey

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Lisbon, Portugal



Tel Aviv, Israel

Tervakoski, Finland

Oulu, Finland

Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain